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Are kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets considered 7 year property or 27.5 yr property in a rental unit?

Would the following improvements to a rental property be depreciated over 7 years as "furniture & fixtures" or over 27.5 years as permanent improvements?

Kitchen counters and cabinets

Bathroom sink and cabinets

Mirrored sectional wall

Thank you,

Janet Reyes

( Asked 04/26/11 06:59 PM in ProLine Tax ResearchViews by community 14 )

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If they can be removed without damaging the house (so they aren't a structural component), then they can be depreciated over shorter lives.  (I personally would think they'd be distributive trades assets, class 57.0.)


Anything permanently affixed, or required to meet minimum building code requirements, is building.

( Answered 04/27/11 07:52 AM ,Views by community 12 )

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